1. Douglas County Code - County Code Title 20.622 VHR Ord 2024-1635

2. VHR Permit Application Guidebook – Click here

3. VHR Permit Renewal Guidebook - Click here

4. VHR Certification Training - For a training course, please download and read the most current version of the VHR Ordinance in item 1 above.  After reviewing the Ordinance, click here for the 30 Question VHR Certification Exam.

5. Sample Site and Parking Plan - Click here

6. Sample Floor Plan - Click here

7. Douglas County VHR Parking Permit- Click here

8. TOT filings and payments can be completed through the HdL online portal .  For questions regarding TOT, you may contact HdL at:
          [email protected]
          (775) 238-4135
          Douglas County Processing Center
          8839 N Cedar Ave #212
          Fresno CA 93720