Dog License


Number of Years Sterilized Not Sterilized
1 Year $8.00 $25.00
2 Years $14.00 $48.00
3 Years $20.00 $71.00

There is a $2.00 discount for all early license renewals.

A pet license has benefits for you, the pet owner

  • A license is the best way we have to reunite you with your dog if he/she becomes lost
  • A pet wearing a license tag can quickly and easily be identified and returned to you
  • If your pet is found by one of our officers seriously injured, and you could not be immediately contacted, the license would guarantee that he/she would be taken to a veterinarian for emergency care

The dog licensing program benefits the community by:

  • Ensuring that dogs are vaccinated against rabies, a fatal viral disease.
  • Protecting the community and their animals by tracking aggressive dogs and habitual offenders of animal laws.
  • Reducing the number of unwanted animals by encouraging owners to spay and neuter pets by differential fees.
  • Providing additional revenues to Douglas County Animal Care & Services to help provide funding for the rescue, shelter and care for the County's lost, unwanted, injured, abandoned and neglected animals.

Licensing benefits to public health

  • Rabies is a current threat to human and animal health. Dog licensing lowers the overall cost and health risk by making certain that dogs are vaccinated and by providing revenue for prevention programs.
  • A single rabies incident resulting from a dog whose vaccination has expired costs you, the taxpayer, thousands of dollars. This money could be saved and used elsewhere if the dog's vaccination had been current.

Licensing your dog is the law

Douglas County Ordinance Section 6.08.010 requires that all dogs four months of age and older must have a dog license issued by Douglas County and must be inoculated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. The current license tag must be displayed on a collar worn around the dog's neck.

Dog Licenses can be purchased at the following locations.

Facility Address Phone
Animal Care & Services 921 Dump Rd Gardnerville, NV (775) 782-9061
Community Center 1329 Waterloo Ln. Gardnerville, NV (775) 783-6455
Kahle Community Center 236 Kingsbury Grade. Stateline, NV (775) 586-7271
North County Substation 3587 Sunridge Dr. Carson City, NV (775) 267-3691
Ranchos Substation 1281 Kimmerling Rd. # 9 Gardnerville, NV (775) 265-7090
Topaz Substation 1550 Highland Wy. Wellington, NV (775) 266-1028