Surveillance Improvement Project

Surveillance Improvement Project

Posted on: 2023/04/05


Surveillance Improvement Project
Scheduled work for for the Surveillance Improvement Project is at two different locations and consists of existing system removal and replacement with new camera location and system.
1) Cover Sheet: 00 Cover Sheet.doc 
2) Table of Contents: 01 Table of Contents.doc
4)Instructions to Bidders: 2 Instructions to Bidders.doc
5) Bid Form and Attachments: 5a)3.A Bid Form.doc 5b)3.B Bid Bond.pdf 5c)3.C Contractor Qualification Statement.pdf 5d)3.D Non-Collusion Affidavit.pdf 5e)3.E Affidavit of Compliance.docx
6)Agreement: 4 Agreement.doc 6a)5.A Construction Performance Bond.pdf 6b)5.B Construction Payment Bond.pdf
7)General Conditions: 6 General Conditions.doc
8)Supplementary Conditions: 7 Supplementary Conditions.doc 
9a JLEC Camera Drawings.pdf 
9b Stateline Jail Camera Drawings.pdf
10)Specifications: Stateline Jail and JLEC  Specifications.pdf
11)Addendum 11a.Addendum One.doc 11b.4 Services Agreement Federal Funds.doc

12) Bid Tally Bid Tally.doc

Due May 9,2023 no later than 2PM
Contact: Scott McCullough, Project Manager
1323 Waterloo Ln
Gardnerville, NV 89410



Deadline Date