Metal Storage Building Project -

Metal Storage Building Project

Posted on: 2023/09/21


Bid Documents for the Metal Storage Building Project. The bids shall be received on or before 2:00 pm October 24, 2023 at Douglas County Parks Office, 1323 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville, NV 89410. Bids will be subsequently opened and read aloud at 2:01pm at the Douglas County Parks Office, 1323 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville, NV 89410 Click on the following documents for more information
0) 00 Cover Sheet.doc 01) 01 Table of Contents.doc 
1) 1 Advertisement for Bids.doc
2) 2 Instructions to Bidders.doc
3) 3 Bid Form.doc 3b)3.B Bid Bond.pdf 3c) 3.C Contractor Qualification Statement.pdf 3d3.D Non-Collusion Affidavit.pdf
3e)3.E Affidavit of Compliance.docx 
4)4 Agreement.doc
5)5.A Construction Performance Bond.pdf 5b)5.B Construction Payment Bond.pdf 
6) 6 General Conditions.doc 
7) 7 Supplementary Conditions.doc 
8)  Site and Grading Plan.pdf
9)1. Project Requirements.doc 9-1a)3. Attachment 2 Metal Building.pdf 9-1b) 2. Attachment 1 MDR.pdf
10a) Addendum One.doc 10b)Addendum One Attachment 60x80 Metal Building.pdf
11)Bid Tally.pdf

Contact: Scott McCullough, Project Manager
1323 Waterloo Ln
Gardnerville, NV 89410



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